All-inclusive Golden Visa Application Services

Our Portugal based professional services partner is best placed to assist, advise and support applicants throughout the application process. They work closely with applicants during each stage of the application, ensuring that they successfully qualify, apply, process, and ultimately receive their Portuguese Golden Visa Residency Permit (GVRP). 

As all GVRP related services are provided through one experienced provider, applicants are assured that servicing times and costs are kept to a minimum. Please find below an overview of the GVRP application process and services provided by our professional services partner.

Lisbon Cityscape, View of the Old Town Alfama, Portugal

1. Accurate Quotations
Prepare all-inclusive quotations that include all costs associated with making the chosen qualifying investment, preparing and applying for the GVRP.

2. Portuguese Bank Account
A requirement of the GVRP is that applicants first transfer their investment funds to a Portuguese bank account in their own name. Qualifying investment funds must be transferred from this account.

3. Fiscal Representation and Tax Identity Number
It is a legal requirement for all non-EU individuals who establish a Portuguese bank account and invest in a Portuguese regulated investment fund to establish a Tax ID number and appoint a fiscal representative.

4. Due Diligence
Due Diligence to confirm that the investment meets the specific terms and conditions require for it to qualify as an investment for the Portugal Golden Visa and has been established correctly.

5. Application Preparation and Submission
Work with applicants to correctly prepare and submit all of the required documentation for to the Portuguese immigration department, the 'Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras' or SEF.

7. SEF Meeting
Arrange and accompany applicants to a meeting with the SEF in order to submit their original paperwork and submit biometrics.

6. Application Processing
Liaise with the immigration department (SEF) to ensure that applications are processed correctly, that any further requirements are obtained and submitted and that the application is ultimately accepted.

8. Issue Residency Permit
Follow up with the SEF to ensure that the application is finalised and their Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit issued.

It is important to note that services 1 to 6 can be carried out remotely and without the need for applicants to travel to Portugal, thus saving time and additional travel costs.

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