Greece Golden Visa

The Greece Golden Visa applies to the investor, their spouse, unmarried dependent children up to age 21 and the dependent parents of both spouses. The permit is permanent as long as the buyer keeps possession of thier investment property and can be renewed every 5 years by presenting  the title deed of the property to the authorities

Greece Residency Through Investment- The Acropolis Athens

Golden Visa Benefits

  • Obtain residency within 3 - 6 months
  • Include dependent children (up to 21) and parents
  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone
  • Citizenship available after 7 years of full time residency
  • No tax on global income if resident for less than 183 days

Qualification Requirements

  • Available for non EU citizens
  • Minimum investment of €250,000 + costs
  • Keep property for as long as you wish to have residency
  • Have no previous criminal conviction
  • Renew visa every 5 years
  • No minimum stay requirements
Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

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