Malta Residence and Visa Programme

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP) provides for affluent persons of impeccable standing and repute who wish to receive Maltese residency on the basis of a contribution to and investment in Malta.

Malta- Valletta Waterfront

The Benefits

Successful applicants receive a Maltese residence card which provides the following benefits:

  • The right to reside, work, settle and stay indefinitely in Malta.
  • Visa free travel throughout the 26 members of the EU Schengen area
  • Includes the main applicant and eligible dependents including their spouse or partner, children under the age of 18, parents of the main applicant and their spouse and children over the age of 18 provided that they are unmarried and financially dependent on the main applicant.

Qualification Requirements

  • Investment in property valued to at least €320,000 (€270,000 in Gozo or the South of Malta) or establish a rental contract for at least €12,000 (€10,000 in Gozo or the South of Malta)
  • Declare an annual income of €100,000 plus arising outside Malta or declare capital reserves of €500,000 or more
  • Pay a one-time contribution of €30,000 to the Maltese government
  • Invest at least €250,000 in debt or equity on the Malta Stock Exchange for 5 years
  • Have health insurance covering the EU
  • Have valid travel documents
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