Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa

A Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa entitles non-EU citizens who intend to relocate to Portugal with a reasonable regular passive income to the holder and their dependants with a residency card along with the main benefits of Portugal residency, those being a residence permit that can be applied for by a third-country citizen who intends to relocate to Portugal and has a reasonable net regular passive income.


Portugal Passive Income D7 Visa Benefits

  • An applicant may include dependent children and parents
  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone
  • The right to apply for Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) scheme provides significant tax incentives
  • Qualify for permanent residency or citizenship after 5 years
  • Access to other Portugal residents’ rights, such as education, recognition of diplomas and qualifications, healthcare, social security, trade union protection, the law and the courts of law.

One of the key requirements for making a successful application is proof of regular income, this may be derived from pension, rental, dividends or certain types of investment income.

Passive Income Requirement

The minimum income requirements vary depending upon the number dependants the main the applicant wishes to include:

    • Main Applicant: €7,620 per annum
    •Spouse or parents: €3,810 per annum
    •Dependant children: €2,292 per annum

It is advisable to hold a minimum amount equal to 12 months income within a Portuguese bank account.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

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