International Wealth Management

Our extensive network of international professional services partners spans multiple tax efficient jurisdictions and provides clients with direct access to the most experience and knowledgeable practitioners in their prospective field. Combining our resources ensures that we provide each client with bespoke, cost effective and tax efficient International Wealth Management solutions that meet your personal objectives.

The following international wealth management services are also highly compatible with our global residency and citizenship programmes and when applied in a compliant manner, provide the ultimate level of tax efficiency.

International Solutions

  • International Banking
  • Savings & Investment
  • Retirement & Pensions
  • Tax Residency
  • Estate/Succession Planning

Protecting Your Wealth

  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Asset Protection
  • Insurance Services
  • Corporate Structures

Investment Management

  • Zero Taxation at Source
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Personal Investment Strategies
  • Award Winning Performance
  • Online Access & Reporting

We Are Here To Help You

PCS will put you in contact with an adviser in your region. Their role is to assist you in determining which solutions match your requirements, to liaise with our partners and prepare and provide you with a comprehensive proposal.