Global Residency & Citizenship Solutions

Private Client Services pools the experience, knowledge and resources of a global network of professional services partners. Together we provide international clients with bespoke residency, citizenship and tax efficient solutions. Our professional partners include:

  • Residency & Citizenship Advisers
  • Qualifying Investment Partners
  • Lawyers & Accountants
  • Fiduciary Advisers
  • Wealth Managers
Private Client Services of Private Client Specialists

Residency Through Investment

A convenient way for those who wish to provide their family with the security of a second place of residence, have the ability to travel without the need to apply for visas, become more tax efficient and/or investment in alternative markets.

Citizenship Through Investment

Open up a world of opportunity including visa free travel, security for your family, greater banking and investment options and greater tax efficiency. The benefits are numerous and can be passed on to your parents, children and grandchildren.

International Wealth Management

Whether you are an expatriate, wish to change your tax residency status, obtain a second residency and/or citizenship, our partners will work together and create bespoke, tax efficient wealth management strategies suitable for your needs.

We Are Here To Help You

Private Client Services will put you in contact with an adviser in your region. Their role is to assist you in determining which solutions match your requirements, to liaise with our partners and prepare and provide you with a comprehensive proposal.