Malta Global Residency Programme

The Malta Global Residence Permit (GRP) is a residency programme offering applicants special tax status. It is designed to attract individuals who are not nationals of the EU, EEA or Switzerland and who are not long-term residents. Individuals benefitting from this programme may work in Malta, provided they satisfy the requisite conditions for obtaining a work permit.

Under a single application the main applicant, their spouse and children under the age of 25 are automatically eligible for inclusion. Additional qualifying individuals include, financially dependent relatives and non-family members that are bona fide members of the household.

Tax Efficient Benefits

Malta holds over 60 double tax agreements, ensuring that tax will not be paid twice. Whilst income and capital gains earned in or on assets held in Malta are subject to personal income tax in Malta, non-domiciled global tax residents benefit from the following:

  • No income tax on foreign sourced income, unless it is remitted to Malta
  • A flat rate tax status of 15% on foreign source income remitted to Malta
  • No tax on capital and savings remitted to Malta
  • No capital gains tax on assets held outside Malta
  • No inheritance taxes

Qualification Requirements

In order to qualify applicants are required to:

  • Investment in property valued to at least €275,000 (€220,000 in Gozo or the South of Malta) or establish a rental contract for at least €9,600 (€8,750 in Gozo or the South of Malta)
  • Be economically self-sufficient
  • Not spend more than 183 days per annum in any other country
  • Pay a combined minimum annual tax contribution of €15,000
  • Have health insurance covering the EU
  • Have valid travel documents
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Establishing Tax Residency in Malta

Global Residents are not required to show a minimum day count of physical presence in Malta. They are however required to declare that they are not resident in another country for more than 183 days per annum.

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