Tax Efficient Residence In The United Arab Emirates

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a visa to the UAE is to apply for an “UAE investor visa”. A three year residence permit made available to shareholders in a local company. The visa allows the holder to act as the sponsor for family members.

There are over 40 different “free trade zones” in the UAE, so choosing the best Free Trade Zone through which to conduct business in the region can be difficult but our partners are able to assist you in determining which is suitable for your requirements. The most popular UAE based corporate solutions include those in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jebel Ali (JAFZA), Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ) and Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

If your primary objective is to obtain UAE residence the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides the most straight forward solution.

Fujairah- The Benefits

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No paid up share capital
  • No corporate ta
  • Travel to and from the UAE is easier
  • No personal income tax in the UAE
  • The UAE is an OECD “white listed” jurisdiction
Dubai- Sky Line Tax Efficient Residency

Tax Efficient Benefits

Taxation There are no corporate or personal income taxes in the UAE. The UAE has an extensive and growing list of double tax treaties, which currently numbers nearly 60. Under these treaties profits derived from shares, dividends, interest, royalties and fees are taxable only in the contracting state where the income is earned.

A licensed company is able to apply for a Corporate Tax Residence Certificate issued by the UAE Ministry of Finance which is the signatory for Double Tax Treaties.

We Are Here To Help You

PCS will put you in contact with an adviser in your region. Their role is to assist you in determining which solutions match your requirements, to liaise with our partners and prepare and provide you with a comprehensive proposal.